Sunday, 22 April 2012

Final moments!

 Gypsy's house and gardens

 Our beds =D

Steve jamming away

 Fishing at Cooya beach

 Nomi and Mojo

 Joe rushing for a reeling reel


 handreelin it

 quality public bbq

 Pretty beach


 Our fridge

 Dale & Dale


 floating caterpillar

 very cobwebby stick insect

 Marty's common tree snake

 brown tree snake

 black headed python

 Northern territory brown tree snake

 lovely carpet python

 spotted python

 jungle carpet

 mr bitey

 Cape Kimberley beach clean up


 Defintely showed me the meaning of pain!

 Jumping barefoot from moving vehicles can be painful as Joe experienced that day chasing a red belly!

 Last day in Aus.